From the June 2017 Newsletter

Mayor’s Message:

Pioneer Day Celebration

Mark your calendars for Mapleton’s annual Pioneer Day Celebration which will take place this year on Saturday, July 22, 2017.  Watch for more information in your July Newsletter!

We live in a beautiful area, blessed by people who care for each other and have a desire to serve.  We invite you to check out a website,, where the volunteer needs of non-profit organizations may be posted and volunteers may search for places to serve. links you to service opportunities so you can make a difference wherever you are and however you want to serve.  For more questions, please contact Clay or Donna Chesnut at 801-369-3547 or

Trespassing on Private Property

Mapleton City has an obligation to uphold all laws regarding trespassing on private property.  In the past, there was a dispute about whether the dirt road on the east bench, which is sometimes called the Fire Break Road or the Pole Line Road, was a public road or not.  Mapleton declares that the Gibby Property on the east bench is private property and the public is not allowed to trespass, vandalize, or cross said property and that violations of the Gibby’s property rights will be prosecuted by the City.  At present, the City does not have a trail open across the Gibby’s property.  Nobody should attempt to enter or cross the Gibby property without the Gibby’s express permission, as it would be a criminal trespass.

Mayor Brian Wall
(801) 489-5655 ext. 105