Please make sure that you follow city code on your pressurized irrigation connection.  If you have connected or are planning on connecting to the pressurized irrigation system, be aware that you are required to have your connection inspected prior to use.  The city requires that each user provides and installs a valve independent of the city’s shut off valve that the user can control the pressurized irrigation to their premises. It is against city code for a person to tamper with or operate the city’s shut off valve. (Mapleton City Code Section 13.30.090).

Also, be aware that a cross connection between the pressurized irrigation system and the culinary water system is a violation of State and Municipal Code (Mapleton City Code Section 13.30, Class B misdemeanor). Connection to a secondary water source, such as pressurized irrigation, requires a physical air gap, not just a valve between the secondary and culinary systems. As part of our Cross-Connection Program, and for public awareness, we do periodic checks on the system. If you have any questions regarding your valve or connection you can find more information at under Public Works or contact the Public Works Department at 801-489-6253.