Residential Spring Clean-Up

In efforts to help accommodate each of you with your spring clean-up Mapleton City will provide dumpsters from April 20th through May 1st. The dumpsters will be located on the southeast corner of 300 West and 400 North (west of City Hall).  Please enter off 300 West street. Do NOT drop off concrete or hazardous waste materials. As shown below we are also offering you one (1) free dump pass to the Springville Transfer Station. If you have any questions about acceptable items, please contact Camille Brown at 801-806-9106.

Citizen Alert Program

If you have not already done so, please sign up for the Springville – Mapleton “Citizen Alert” Program. The program is used “to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons and evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods.” The following link can be used to sign-up and login to the system:

Mapleton City Emergency Preparedness

Each year we are faced with the potential for flooding caused by the spring thaw. Many parts of the country received large accumulations of snow this winter. As the weather warms, the combination of melting snow and anticipated springtime rainfall can cause potential flooding in towns and communities throughout the nation.

As part of my Mayor’s Message last month, I addressed ideas on how each of you can prepare for potential flooding and how we as a City are closely monitoring the situation and making appropriate plans for any possible peak conditions. Within the last few months I have instructed City staff to monitor potential flooding conditions. So far we are in good shape but we are ready just in case and we encourage you as a citizen to do the same.

Saturday, May 13th


Parade begins at 10:00 AM 

(The parade will line up at the City Center (125 W 400 N)  The route will begin at 400 N 300 W, head south on 300 West to Maple then West to 800 West and then South to Ira Allan Park (located at 2000 So. 800 W) 

After the parade, stay and have lunch with your family and team! 

 Hotdog and Drink only $2.00

(all $ earned will go to Youth Recreation Programs)

The Utah County Open Burn will take place from March 30, 2017 through May 30, 2017.  Please visit the below website to obtain a BURN PERMIT.  You must obtain a BURN PERMIT prior to any burning.

In the November newsletter we invited the public to participate in a visual preference survey related to future commercial development along Highway 89.  The purpose of the survey was to receive input regarding preferred architectural design characteristics such as building styles, heights, materials, and other site details.   The survey was open until the end of November and was taken by a few hundred people that provided valuable input.  Attached below is a summary of the survey results.  After the survey completed, city staff developed some draft design standards that would apply to new commercial development and presented those at a public open house on January 31st.  The public response was primarily positive.  A copy of the standards will be posted here in the next few weeks.  For questions or comments regarding this project, please contact Sean Conroy at 801-806-9101 or by email at


Mapleton City Survey Results 12-12-2016

Experience one of Mapleton’s truly unique and rustic venues!  The HARVEST PARK Event Center is now open for reservations. Please visit for detailed information. This is a great place to gather family & friends, for weddings, receptions, dances, anniversaries, holiday celebrations, birthday parties, and other get-togethers. It can also be scheduled for community meetings, business luncheons, seminars, & more!

A private recycling company has provided six (6) large recycling bins to the City without charge to be used by the public. There are two (2) bins located in the south parking lot of City Hall, two (2) bins at the old City Hall (35 East Maple Street) and two (2) bins at the north end of Ira Allen Park (800 West 1600 South). These bins are for paper and cardboard only.