The Utah County Open Burn will take place from March 30, 2017 through May 30, 2017.  Please visit the below website to obtain a BURN PERMIT.  You must obtain a BURN PERMIT prior to any burning.

Check out the stormwater information display at the city office this month and get a prize for learning how you can help!

In the November newsletter we invited the public to participate in a visual preference survey related to future commercial development along Highway 89.  The purpose of the survey was to receive input regarding preferred architectural design characteristics such as building styles, heights, materials, and other site details.   The survey was open until the end of November and was taken by a few hundred people that provided valuable input.  Attached below is a summary of the survey results.  After the survey completed, city staff developed some draft design standards that would apply to new commercial development and presented those at a public open house on January 31st.  The public response was primarily positive.  A copy of the standards will be posted here in the next few weeks.  For questions or comments regarding this project, please contact Sean Conroy at 801-806-9101 or by email at


Mapleton City Survey Results 12-12-2016

Experience one of Mapleton’s truly unique and rustic venues!  The HARVEST PARK Event Center is now open for reservations. Please visit for detailed information. This is a great place to gather family & friends, for weddings, receptions, dances, anniversaries, holiday celebrations, birthday parties, and other get-togethers. It can also be scheduled for community meetings, business luncheons, seminars, & more!

A private recycling company has provided six (6) large recycling bins to the City without charge to be used by the public. There are two (2) bins located in the south parking lot of City Hall, two (2) bins at the old City Hall (35 East Maple Street) and two (2) bins at the north end of Ira Allen Park (800 West 1600 South). These bins are for paper and cardboard only.

Did you know that the Roswell Darius Bird home, that was constructed in 1892 contains pioneer artifacts and photographs of early Mapleton settlers, along with many other items of interest? For tours contact the Mapleton Parks & Recreation Department at 801-806-9114 or