The use of pressurized irrigation water is limited to providing water to the landscaping only and not for commercial production or agricultural use.

The City has installed in front of your property a pressurized irrigation box with a meter where the pressurized irrigation is available. (Please contact the city to see if Pi is available to your property). This box was placed on your property line or near the City water meter and is for CITY USE ONLY. The city irrigation box and meter may not be moved.

To connect to the pressurized irrigation system:

Step 1) Pay a one-time connection fee of $400.00 to the City for a typical 1” connection. New construction may have paid for the connection on a building permit. Please check with the city to confirm your connection fee has been paid.

Step 2) Connect your outside water system to the pressurized system. If you are currently using culinary water for outside watering, you will need to disconnect from the culinary water system and connect to the pressurized irrigation system. You are required to install a separate self-draining shut-off valve on your side of the city box at your expense. (Please refer to the following diagram link: PI Connection Diagram) You may do the connection yourself or hire a plumber or landscape professional to make the connection.

It is important to understand the culinary water system must be totally isolated from the pressurized irrigation system. Health issues arise if pressurized irrigation water is introduced into the culinary system by having what is called a cross connection.

Step 3) Contact the Public Works Department to schedule an inspection of the connection. The City must inspect and approve the connection before you can begin to use the pressurized irrigation water. Visual inspection must be made before you backfill any connection or disconnection. This is a very important part of the inspection to assure there are no cross connections between the culinary water system and pressurized irrigation system.

If you fail to contact the city when you connect to the pressurized irrigation, the city has the right to back charge for all usage and for the connection fee.

If you have any questions, please contact Public Works Department at 801-489-6253.