Mapleton Seniors Yard Sale
The Mapleton, Utah Seniors Committee is scheduling a yard sale to be held on Friday and Saturday, March 24th and 25th at the Mapleton City Office’s multipurpose room at 125 West 400 North.  Here’s a chance to clean out your garage and basement of unwanted items that still have some utility value.  Bring your donations on Friday the 24th from 9am to 6pm.  The sale is on Saturday, the 25th  from 8am to 2pm.  Proceeds are used to fund Senior Humanitarian projects.

Senior Gym

Monday – Thursday 8am to 11am and 3pm to 5:30pm
Friday – 8:30am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm

All Mapleton city residents age 50 and over are welcome at the Gym. If you have questions, please, call Gym Manager, Peggy Burt 801-404-4687.  In addition to a wonderful array of exercise equipment, our gym contains a ping pong table, 2 pool tables, and there is always a jigsaw puzzle going on to exercise your brain.  Come and enjoy the fun and visit with your fellow seniors.  Note: We are planning a pool tournament soon, so come in and sharpen your skills.

Senior Yoga
Yoga class Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10am.

Senior Art Painting Group
12:30pm-3:30pm on Mondays. Mapleton City provides the easels. Please bring your own supplies. Do your own thing, but help will be available if you need it. Bring a friend!

Meal tickets are available at $1.00 each. When you go to Chuck-a-Rama your ticket will be punched and when filled you get a free meal.  In addition, Seniors get a 15% discount on each meal.  Pick up your tickets either at the City front office or from Committee Finance Clerk, Bob Lape.